Saturday, October 28, 2017


Will words convey this deepest thoughts?
I dont know, I will just try instead.

Hi, it's been awhile. Nothing much, I just want to write you a simple post. These are the words that will never get to you. This, a feeling. 

So much things are on my mind right now, to whether type this out or not, we'll see to the end on how far would I be transparent in public. Sometimes, things are better left unsaid.

Never would I find someone like you again. You're my person, the one I considered among the best, the one I trust with. We're both in the same book and path, then after some time, I realized I had been given hints that you wanted to walk out from this chapter and jump to another chapter; which is the chapter that will never be found within this book of mine.

As for that, I thank you. For actually putting up with this girl called 'Alyaa. May you walk out with ease mind. Fret not, you will always have this one spot in my mind and heart. Come back if you feel like to, not because you feel bad. Go explore. Me too...I want to explore myself too.

Thank you for the memory. You've been one of the best memories in my teen days. No one can replace it. Not in the nearest time. Till then, sayonara.

p/s If you happen to read this, don't panic. I might not feel the same anymore.


Thursday, July 13, 2017


Is it really free to be having feelings?
To be loved, to be appreciated
Is it really cost 0$?
If so, why is it so hard for someone to portray it?
If so, why does one takes so long to grab it?
If so, why does one has to have the guts to believe it?
These, I leave.

Monday, June 26, 2017


Appreciation post #2 for Noobies. This time around, I think I will write about them specifically, one-by-one. So, let’s get the ball rollin!


Sek kito jange pecoh >< I still remember Kila’s “tubik” when she accidentally  slipped out her Kelantanese dialect at Dataran V5. Kila said “her body somewhat respond to the stress/tension by talking in her own dialect” HAHAHHA pastu kat lab tu sehari xsah la kalau xcakap dlm Bahasa dia bila program xle run HAHAAHAHHA. Kila and I became really closed during Sem 3(I guess it is all because we are the loner in V5 troops) so we usually shared everything. Paling senang nak diajak ke mana2(well mana je aku pegi?) and paling xde la moment of awkwardness tu bila masing2 diam. It felt somewhat comfortable when I’m around her. Our views, ways of thinking are usually circled in the same area of circle. She understood me the best, I would say.


OH GOD!!!! Cunna??????? HAHAAHHAH THE REALEST AND FUN FRIEND EVER HAHAHAHAH The one that supports me all the wayyyyy. She was there when I told them about my crush. Yucks now that the word “crush” sounds weirdly cringe yuckss. Idk what had got into me that day but we were actually studying for Test 1 Thinking Skills during Sem 1 and somehow it all ended with Akif, Cunna, Aina and me telling them about that. Idk whether this is a blessing to have new friends listen to your fantasy or a curse to have them throwback it in front of me. But God have to bless Cunna, she is way toooo underrated for her kindness and REALLY TAK BERKIRA BAB MAKANAN. That’s the thing we have in common, the hype to cook for people we love and eat them together. An angel hahha and she is SUPER LAWAK DO. Ever had a friend where you have to tell them to stop being so funny because your stomach muscles are all in pain sbb lawak dia? If yes, good for you. If no, a boo.


Yo boi bersedia nak cringe teruks sampai sepak2 bantal hehe. First impression is still the “nerd ke do dia ni dah la volunteer as Class Rep” HAHAHAH “SO TUN AKIF WILL BE YOUR CLASS REP FOR BIS” We got closer during the time when I ajak buat study group(THE HELL SANGAT STUDY GROUP SEM 1 HAHHAHA BAPAK NERD TERUKS) so the people volunteered masa tu Akif ,Cunna, Kila, Ida and Aten. Then idk what happened sampai tuptup jadi 15 people. Haa thank you for your phone masa main werewolf. Thank you jadi driver mengejut hantar ke Terminal Bas. Tak byk pun boleh thank you kat kau, sbb kau byk dosa dgn aku. Tapi xpe aku xterasa pun kofkofkof. Papehal roger, kawan baik kau ramai do.


Tenenenenenet masa Sem 1 selalu cakap tuuuut handsome tp nasib baik skrg mata dh cerah pandai menilai HAHAHAHAAH k. You're one fun girl to hang out with, and a good listener. Not easily offended, but if she got offended, then it must be serious do. Sejenis yg cakap without fikir panjang tapi masalahnya kelakar nak mati hahahha. Veryyy veryyyy competitive in sports activities even though main sama2 member je. Supportive teruks and one of my sasaeng fans walaupun bila aku tangkap gambar dgn adik aku terus dia "adik kau yg cantik dr kau tu" like SERIOUZLY


Wawa makin bahagia kehkeh. Wawa's "love" life is like "mine" but "not mine". A great debater, think wisely before letting out words, toleration is 100%(hands up). I think you are quite secretive with your thoughts lately that you are finding words to describe sth without them getting offended. I believe in annoyed at first sight hahha because she was quite loud back then so I got annoyed at her on first day of the class. (read: my class from form 1 to form 5 had been more or less a quiet and peaceful learning space so I had a rough time adapting to the loudness of even a "shhh")


Bitch resting face, aite? Akak naqibah siut dulu >< We started off as "kawan balik sekali ke V5 lps class Thinking Skills" to a part of me. During the early days knowing her, she had this thing for BTS omg such a rival hahah she would stream Vlive during breaks between classes and sometimes would ask us to join her w her "OMG COMEL SIA". Makin bahagia dgn Myvi Kuning hahaha no worries duh Laili, what is best for you, is best for me too. Let's just pray for the best okayyy. 


One less lonely girl(tetiba). Fought a lot. Didnt believe she was a troop of mine at first hahaha but damn she did good things secretly. There will be awkward moments, later but let's just pray for the best okay. Sejenis yg org byk gila hutang dia tp xmeminta unless she reallllllly in need of that money. Vogue. Confused either she wants to be a fashion designer or a programmer but one thing for sure, design something hehe


Dulu; senang koyak. Sekarang; suka mengoyakkan. Dah start nk jadi lawa bak hang siap pakai eyeliner cat eyes kehkehkeh. Paling tak berkira bab duit aku rasa. Hutang? Tak kisah la lama mana pun, asalkan kau bayar je, dia cool. Starbuck's lover like hardcore fan duhh. Cuma aku harap kalau koyak or terasa cakap je la dlm group or depan2, xyah la berselindung pakai twitter. Tolerate sikit kata nk friendship kekal lama en hehe. Sayang hang tau.


LOUD. LOUD. LOUD. (remember that I told before I had a rough time adjusting myself to the loudness? ha, she's one of the probs lol) Idk y but I got suuuper annoyed with people being so loud. But as time goes by, I started to accept you for who you are. Cant expect everyone to be a quiet person, kan? Hehehe Paling takleh lupa masa main basketball KAHKAHKAH SEMANGAT TERUKS DO maleih nk cerita sini sbb masing2 igt kot moment ida tepis bola HAHHAHA


BAPAK BUSY SIA DIA NI. Rosmah UTP. Tell me, which clubs or organizations dont have her in it? Productive teruks. Sejenis morning person, go jogging before class starts and a VERY VISUALIZE TYPE OF PERSON. Remembered the day when we revised Thinking Skills for Test 1, I had to explain to her many times verbally, but she didnt catch it so I made her draw her own flowchars or wtv it is called. Sejenis yg ada perangai malas check whatsapp tp once dia nak, time2 tu jugak dia nak. OH KAU LAMBAT TAKPE HAHAH tapi mudah bawak bincang, alhamdulillah. Baju2 semua mcm lecturer tp xle lawan baju Guru Besar Cunna kofkofkof


...Skip Play. "Mak aku cakap bila masuk uni ni, kau boleh jd org baru sbb xde siapa lg kenal kau, so gunalah opportunity yg ada utk change" hm. From "aku started berubah sbb perempuan ni" to someone yg deserve my respect sbb istiqamah. We can see that you are enjoying your life now(not that kau xenjoy dulu) but happier(i guess). Tp xkan lupa ah kau masa awal2 kenal kasi baju saiz S kat aku taguna betul 


Overdosed hahahhaha. Sejenis yg tak berkira bab duit jugak. Masa Sem 2 yg kebanyakan scholars elaun xmasuk lagi but dh takde duit, dia la yg paling beria nak bg pinjam duit. Sumpah aku terharu do Dan. 16th out of 16 siblings tu yg paling mengingatkan aku dekat kau hahah


THANKS FOR THE FREE CAR RIDE HAHAHAHA started off as a perfect stranger as "kawan Aten yg belanja dia McD WHAT?!". "Nama diberi Khairi Izwan" paling xle blah. Dulu masa keluar, he's the one yg akan dahulukan duit gi bayar kt kaunter tp skrg hm hahahah. Khai X Akif (I'll leave it here hahahhah)


HOLYYY A FRIEND THAT SWEARS A LOTTTTT. I really had a rough time w him at start bcs he swears a lot. Every single sentence, there should be included at least one swear word either F or S. Kurangkan mencarut Pan, it's really not a good way of life(for me but suka hati kau la hidup kau). Cepat koyak kalau tak ajaks ke mana2 hahahah

ANDDD done. Finished my foundation studies with these peeps. See you when I see you! <3

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Appreciation Post : Noobies

Yes, this post is dedicated to Noobies; whom I have sealed in my hearts, believing we will be friends forever.

I love you guys.

From awkward ice-breaking "Nama diberi" to "KKKAAAU LAGII"
From 4am still lepaks at Dataran V5 to "bilik je"
From "ajaks" to "jom"
From Secondhand Serenade to Taylor Swift
From "duit tak membenarkan do" to "takpe aku ade byk makanan. kita makan bilik aku."
From laughing all day to crying all night
From "crush" to "I have confessed"
From best friend to best girl/guy

Thank you, for everything. My foundation days at College is nearly complete, thanks to you guys :)


Will words convey this deepest thoughts? I dont know, I will just try instead. Hi, it's been awhile. Nothing much, I just want t...