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Will words convey this deepest thoughts?
I dont know, I will just try instead.
Hi, it's been awhile. Nothing much, I just want to write you a simple post. These are the words that will never get to you. This, a feeling. 
So much things are on my mind right now, to whether type this out or not, we'll see to the end on how far would I be transparent in public. Sometimes, things are better left unsaid.
Never would I find someone like you again. You're my person, the one I considered among the best, the one I trust with. We're both in the same book and path, then after some time, I realized I had been given hints that you wanted to walk out from this chapter and jump to another chapter; which is the chapter that will never be found within this book of mine.
As for that, I thank you. For actually putting up with this girl called 'Alyaa. May you walk out with ease mind. Fret not, you will always have this one spot in my mind and heart. Come back if you feel like to, not …


Is it really free to be having feelings? To be loved, to be appreciated Is it really cost 0$? If so, why is it so hard for someone to portray it? If so, why does one takes so long to grab it? If so, why does one has to have the guts to believe it? These, I leave.



Appreciation Post : Noobies

Yes, this post is dedicated to Noobies; whom I have sealed in my hearts, believing we will be friends forever.
I love you guys.
From awkward ice-breaking "Nama diberi" to "KKKAAAU LAGII" From 4am still lepaks at Dataran V5 to "bilik je" From "ajaks" to "jom" From Secondhand Serenade to Taylor Swift From "duit tak membenarkan do" to "takpe aku ade byk makanan. kita makan bilik aku." From laughing all day to crying all night From "crush" to "I have confessed" From best friend to best girl/guy
Thank you, for everything. My foundation days at College is nearly complete, thanks to you guys :)