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#nerdiesGOonTRIP 5

So peeps, last day!

We woke up pretty early but ended up late bcs there's traffic jams all the way. The plan for that day was to go to IKEA Cheras(again). We went there at 11 sth. Arrived there, we looked around, bought something yeay! Board and fairy lights lalaalal~~~ We decided to eat meatballs this time, the total lunch was RM54.60.

and i lost my silver pendant with "MELBOURNEGAL" scratch on it and IKEA.

At 3.30 when we finally decided to go back, we lost the car(actually we dont hv an idea where the car was). Searched the car for like 20 mins, huffs and puffs here and there. Jumped in the car and it was 3.50 pm. Masa tu dah takut dah pasal tiket KTM KL Sentral at 4.15 pm. Sesampai je rumah Ateh, we ptook our bags and called taxis. Not even a proper thanks and goodbyes bcs we're short of time! Then, a taxi came and Arina, Ifi and Jiha jumped in first. Our taxi, me, Kira and Wani didnt know the route to the house and it was really lateeeeeee. Then we try to catch …

#nerdiesGOonTRIP 4

Hey peeps! so today i would like to write on our 3rd day in KL. 
We woke up a bit late that day.. around 9 am(the day before was tough do) and siap siap semua then we had breakfast before going to Cempaka Station. Makteh drop us at Cempaka Station around 10 in the morning. The station is now quite lengang bcs ppl have been off to work around 8. So, our plan that day was to go for a walk at Pasar Seni, then straight to Jalan TAR.

and uh oh i have a cold that day so im very tired and exhauted to walk that i found myself sit on the chairs that available in each stores. We bought LRT tickets for 6 to Pasar Seni(RM2.10 each if im not mistaken huhu). Around 11 we reached Pasar Seni station and walked for a bit like 10 minutes to the Pasar Seni mall(?) idk what to call it. Pasar Seni or Central Market was full of people that day(even though it was weekday). So many arts stuffs, i mean magnificient and masterpiece arts by artists, which the NON-ARTS-TYPED like me, ifi and kira didnt understan…

#nerdiesGOontrip 3 (2)

continuing my previous post
So we got off from Sunway Pyramid to Subang Jaya station again, BUT THIS TIME WE USED THE MYTEKSI APP, surprise surprise, it's only RM7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! udhsakfhuikhef7wb feh
so we got on Komuter(again it's RM1.90 each) to KL sentral. It was so awkward bcs we jumped in the coach theat was full of men. srsly i dont lie!!!! Awkward tahap nak arwah! From KL sentral, we took LRT to Times Square. Again, we had to change train at Masjid Jamek. We technically lost at Masjid Jamek bcs we dont know which route to take to actually go to the other side. Surprisingly enough it was because we took the wrong route dari awal sampai Masjid Jamek tu. So patah balik ke train awal then take the other route. Well, tu pun dapat jalan balik lepas tanya 2 orang kakak. Receiptionist yg menengking*SRSLY KL PPL SHOULD BE MORE FRIENDLY*. PLUS NAIK TURUN TANGGA 4 KALI. 
Then we managed to take the LRT from Masjid Jamek to Jalan Imbi(where Times Square is). Reached there at …

#nerdiesGOonTRIP 3

Hi peeps so today i will continue my previous 2 posts. Back to the DAY 2 on 5th JANUARY 2016.
That day was absolutely the most tiring day in our journey. I feel like going through the day when 2AF went to Gua Tempurung which we had to clim up like 800+ stairs. It was crazy though.
Early in the morning after breakfast, Ateh sent us to Cempaka Station to take LRT. We bought our ticket from Cempaka to KL Sentral. THE MOST EXPENSIVE LRT TICKET. It was around RM4.10 each person. So total of 6 would be RM24.60. So around 8.45 am the train arrived and we, along with all the workers jumped into the couch. It was packed as sardines' can. We took the "Ampang-Sentul Timur" LRT and i was taken aback when i saw the board didnt have anything abt KL Sentral. Luckily, we managed to remember what Ateh said;"turun Masjid Jamek, tukar train ke sebelah sana"
So, we jumped out at Masjid Jamek while taking care of everybody's safety(?), we tried to calm down and walked to the ot…

#nerdiesGOonTRIP 2

on 4th JANUARY 2016, nerdies finally went on a trip, TOGETHER!

so the very first day, we boarded on KTM train(the old one), oh before that, Jiha had bought the tickets like a week earlier, so continue... we boarded the train at 8.14 am. the train departed at 8.16 am. phewwww the conclusion is; datang awal dan betul2 pilih jalan!

We reached KL Sentral at 1.45 pm. My ateh picked us up and we went straight to Menara MPAJ to pick up Arina. We went to Ateh's and rest for 30 minutes + downloaded MyTeksi to calll for taxis. SRSLY THIS APP IS A MUST FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO TRAVEL WITH FRIENDS, WHO DOESNT OWN A DRIVING LICENSE!!!!! At 4 we took 2 taxis to KLCC. The very first place that we went was Kinokuniya *it was my first time there and i was freakin excited and nearly suffocated bcs there were a lot of books that are on my lists and i nearly had a heart attack!* .

 We stayed there until 7 before we went for a walk at other places. My phone battery was dead, as well as others. Only Arina…