Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mak with her red-blood cell

Assalamualaikum and hey guysssssssssssss!

Just now, I had a conference with my Mak and Aina during lunch. Hehehe, just want to share the infos I get from my science tuition teacher about 'red-blood cell'. Ahhh, again. Who cares? I care! So, I start with my tricky question by asking Mak:

"Mak, sekarang ni mak rasa mak tengah malas nak buat segala macam ka tengah rajin?  "

"Malas pun tak, rajin pun tak. Mak dok tengah-tengah  "

"Laaaa, serius la mak. Rajin ka malas?  "

"Awat?  "

And I told her that if she was feeling lazy, then her red-blood cell almost empty. Just wait for another 2-3 weeks later, then she'll get her new red-blood cell, she will become SuperMak, whom does everything without asking us to do it. Hihihi. But thennn...,

"Mak rasa red-blood cell mak nak habeih la. Tak rasa nak buat apa apa ."

"Jadiiiii?  "

"Awok kemas la dapur lepas habis makan satgi dengan Aina ."


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