Friday, October 5, 2012

Do You Have Crush ?

Hi ! And hi everyoneeeeeeee !!
Let`s talk about this ! Wooooo !
What is mean by crush ? Okay , crush means having a like-sign on somebody . It`s normal ? It`s good ? Or are the people whom have some kinda crush on somebody is `gatal` or `gedik` and what-so-ever ?
Absolutely , the answer is NOT ! Having a crush on somebody at your age of 13 years old and above are normal . As the bodies grow , as we`re all get older , having a crush on someone is normal . Preteens , teenagers and adult have this feeling , of course .
Frankly said , a crush on someone helps us a lot to think about the kind of person that we want to love when we grow up . I do have some kinda crush . It`s a liar for those whom are never have this crush things . 
Can we choose our crushes ? No. We can`t choose our crushes . Sometimes , they sneak up on you and you`ll feel like , WAH! WOW! and Waaaaaawwwwww!*over* . It could be your classmates , cousins , friend of your bros or sis , neighbour and penpals . Aren`t it`s true , people ?
Most of the people out there , being shy and giddy when they see their crushes on tv`s , facebook or twitter for example . And of course , sometimes , they`re speechless and tounge-tied when they want to deliver a message from the teacher to their crushes and asked someone to do that job . (^^,)
How to know that someone (maybe your friends) had a crush on somebody that you know ? Naaaaa , let`s see !
~ When you`re talking about their crushes (you don`t know that he/she is your friend`s crush) , then your friend will start smiling or day-dreaming or speechless , then you would know that your friend got a crush on him/her !
~ When you`re asking your friend to deliver a message to their crush , your friend make 1001 reasons to avoid it . Something like .. "I have a lot of works to be done now" . :)
So , any of here would like to share with me about this feeling ? Mail me at and we can be a good friends too ! :)
With that , goodbye ! IMPORTANT --> Don`t take heart . It`s just my thought :)
I see , heyday , wonderful sky , enough said . I`m happy :)


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