Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Appreciation Post : Noobies

Yes, this post is dedicated to Noobies; whom I have sealed in my hearts, believing we will be friends forever.

I love you guys.

From awkward ice-breaking "Nama diberi" to "KKKAAAU LAGII"
From 4am still lepaks at Dataran V5 to "bilik je"
From "ajaks" to "jom"
From Secondhand Serenade to Taylor Swift
From "duit tak membenarkan do" to "takpe aku ade byk makanan. kita makan bilik aku."
From laughing all day to crying all night
From "crush" to "I have confessed"
From best friend to best girl/guy

Thank you, for everything. My foundation days at College is nearly complete, thanks to you guys :)

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