Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#nerdiesGOonTRIP 3

Hi peeps so today i will continue my previous 2 posts. Back to the DAY 2 on 5th JANUARY 2016.
That day was absolutely the most tiring day in our journey. I feel like going through the day when 2AF went to Gua Tempurung which we had to clim up like 800+ stairs. It was crazy though.

Early in the morning after breakfast, Ateh sent us to Cempaka Station to take LRT. We bought our ticket from Cempaka to KL Sentral. THE MOST EXPENSIVE LRT TICKET. It was around RM4.10 each person. So total of 6 would be RM24.60. So around 8.45 am the train arrived and we, along with all the workers jumped into the couch. It was packed as sardines' can. We took the "Ampang-Sentul Timur" LRT and i was taken aback when i saw the board didnt have anything abt KL Sentral. Luckily, we managed to remember what Ateh said;"turun Masjid Jamek, tukar train ke sebelah sana"

So, we jumped out at Masjid Jamek while taking care of everybody's safety(?), we tried to calm down and walked to the other side. We reached to the other side like a minute before the train arrived and managed to read the sign of train "KELANA JAYA". So, this time around we were quite confident. The first thing we checked together was if there is any KL Sentral wrote on the route sign. Thank God, it was.

We reached KL Sentral around 9.20 am. KL Sentral was full of people. Arina bought the Komuter ticket for 6 people to go to Subang Jaya Station. The rate was not really expensive which was RM1.90 each, that would make 6 people for RM11.40. We boarded on Komuter, it was veryyyy veryyyyy comfortable. Less people. Less crowd. SUMPAH MENGANTUK TIME TU. It was long enough to get the time to nap for like 20 mins.

So, we reached Subang Jaya Station aroun 9.50 am. Then, stupidly, we went to a really cabuk taxi (Proton Saga+driver merokok+driver Melayu menipu Melayu) to Sunway Pyramid. The way to go there was like from Irshad to Kg Tersusun or sth like that. We were so stupid to not use the MyTeksi App(srsly idek y we agreed to sumbat all 6 of us in the same saga.) THE RATE WAS RM30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first it was RM20 for 5 ppl only but we asked for 6 ppl so pakcik merokok be like "Okay, tapi jadi RM30 lah""Okay"

Reached Sunway Pyramid at 10.10 am sth. It was early enough to actually mistaken ourselves as the workers. We went for a walk around the mall, walked in some stores and walked out back empty-handed as the prices were unbelievable! Around 11.30 am, we went to food court to stuff ourselves with some food before we walked again.

We went for a walk for like 3 hours, including bowling and walking in and out of stores buy nothing.

kira said she knew nothing abt bowling and said that it was her first time to do bowling but surprise surprise she won the second set!

and ifi became our unpaid instructor for the day since we were really bad at bowling

and i will continue this on the next post. its been a long one!


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dekat mana tipunya? but huhuhuhu bestnya

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Bestnya kau fatin :3


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