Monday, January 11, 2016

#nerdiesGOonTRIP 2

on 4th JANUARY 2016, nerdies finally went on a trip, TOGETHER!

so the very first day, we boarded on KTM train(the old one), oh before that, Jiha had bought the tickets like a week earlier, so continue... we boarded the train at 8.14 am. the train departed at 8.16 am. phewwww the conclusion is; datang awal dan betul2 pilih jalan!

We reached KL Sentral at 1.45 pm. My ateh picked us up and we went straight to Menara MPAJ to pick up Arina. We went to Ateh's and rest for 30 minutes + downloaded MyTeksi to calll for taxis. SRSLY THIS APP IS A MUST FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO TRAVEL WITH FRIENDS, WHO DOESNT OWN A DRIVING LICENSE!!!!! At 4 we took 2 taxis to KLCC. The very first place that we went was Kinokuniya *it was my first time there and i was freakin excited and nearly suffocated bcs there were a lot of books that are on my lists and i nearly had a heart attack!* .

 We stayed there until 7 before we went for a walk at other places. My phone battery was dead, as well as others. Only Arina's was not.(pls pls pls bring powerbank or at least bring USB cable).

Around 7.30 pm we took a taxi (MPV one) to IKEA Cheras. It was not really far from KLCC and the traffic was not really bad so the rate was quite reasonable and affordable, i must say. It was rm24.60 if im not mistaken. So it was quite OK since it was an MPV and we paid the rate together.

 So, technically, the aim there was to eat meatballs, BUT THE MEATBALLS WERE SOLD OUT HAHAHAHA so we ate chickballs instead. 6 people + 4 minerals + a plate of chickballs + 5 chicken wings + a plate of Salmon whatitsname = RM46+. YEAY!

After that, we walked around for like an hour or less, taking pictures and all. At 9.45, Ateh picked us up and brought home. Every night before we went to bed, we settled all the pays like taxis and foods and such.

so the day 1 costs was owwwwkayyyy. this was Ifi's.


Isma Ismail said...

systematic gilaa!!

Syazwani Khirizan said...

well well i intended to write a post but u did it first . congrats muahaha ~~


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